One of the most exploited setups in the whole gambling industry – ancient Egypt – would probably never become an ash of the past as this culture still continues to fascinate modern humans even outside iGaming overall. Just notice how many books, films and TV series entertainment businesses produce annually and come to an evident conclusion: people for sure are not going to get enough of the Egyptian civilization. Online gambling is such an observant department that got accustomed to reacting to spreading trends, so no wonder software developers keep releasing these gaming artefacts to amuse audience. Reel Time Gaming is the provider you should take into consideration firstly because their collection of Egypt-based machine is colossal and amusing.

Their absolute pinnacle, though judging subjectively, is Eye Of Horus – a non-progressive game with smooth design and solid structure. If you are looking for a full review, then you’d probably better read through this great article –, because here we will be exploring only essentials and discussing ‘goods’ and ‘bads’ about the game in general. In any case, one might examine Eye Of Horus from different angles as this slot machine is truly multi-faceted. While the game unfolds, punters find new interesting details and dive deeper without seeing the bottom. Despite losing a few points in terms of graphics, Eye Of Horus remains amazing, thrilling and rich for chances.


Considerable Force


Even if Reel Time Gaming is an incredibly renowned company with multiple merits, some casino goers may not recognize this software title due to takeover of bigger houses like Microgaming and NetEnt. Actually, Reel Time has quite a history in the market: they set off in 2009, and up to 2018 have been releasing various gambling products of high standards and excellent quality. The manufacturer has amassed a decent gaming library with more than 100 entries that gives them a ticket to top game studios.


Not A Big One


An astounding fact about Reel Tine Gaming is that the company does not go all public and tries to remain remote from extensive spotlight. It is a privately owned formation whose staff barely counts 50 members, and thus an obvious question arises: how do they manage to create such gambling beauties without having a significant workforce? The answer might surprise you: they never dash into developing, keeping the pace steady so that each machine could remain competitive. That’s why for more than 10 years in the business their catalogues got replenished with just around 100 games. This is unconditionally a good trait because slot machines should not be placed on an assembly line. Gambling is not a factory. It is all about creativity.


Ancient Deals


Eye Of Horus features every popular characteristic of the Egyptian culture: rich tombs, wealthy assets, bugs, godlike layout, sophisticated interiors and Horus himself. A brief mythology 101: Horus is considered to be one of the most important Egyptian deities who was worshiped even outside Egypt. He is the sky with his right eye to be the moon and the left one to be the sun. So if you are a bit superstitious, open your curtains and windows to let Horus in – maybe this would be your lucky runway.

More specifically, Eye Of Horus is great at creating a unique and fantastic atmosphere with all these mysterious sounds and vivid pictures around the reels. One thing is promised: the game might be so immersive so that you could spend hours playing it through. It all is due to fluid gameplay and flexible interface devoid of overwhelming details.


Gaming Mechanics


Looking through gaming aspects, Eye Of Horus is very classic in terms of gameplay: this is a standard-formatted modern slot machine with a five to three layout built on a 10-lined blueprint. Some might think that it is actually a really low number of string attached, but regarding that the paytable contains only 10 regular symbols plus a couple of bonus ones, 10 paylines is a reasonable value to embed. What’s more, the whole array of win-lines can be adjusted to any value from 1 to 10 which allows to go with tiny bets and extend the gaming period.




As any Reel Time slot machine, Eye Of Horus incorporates a black lower panel of controlling buttons where gamblers can set auto-spinning, fix bets and paylines and activate the game. The upper thin panel includes the paytable and information sections, so everything is pretty convenient and concise.




One marring thing about the game is visual representation that may come across as excessively crude. No complaints about animation – symbols roll in a very smooth way – but when it comes to graphics, one would not say that it is on an impressive level. On the other hands, Egypt-themed slots do not concentrate on graphics much, but instead throw a focus on gameplay features. So Eye Of Horus is a typical example of the genre.


Almighty Features


Gamble Feature – a prevailing gamble-card game can be found literally everywhere. Eye Of Horus offers to take risks in a classic layout with two colors to be chosen in order to double the bet or, instead, there is a great gambling ladder which is a more randomized analog of the beloved Gambling Card. Firstly you have to win something to get access to these mini-courses.  


Freespins – free games are the only solid feature of bonus behavior to the game, but it is so profitable than nothing else is needed. Players catch three Scatters and then trigger a number of rounds which can be increased by any landing Wild to 1. Besides, Wilds upgrade low-win symbols, so the resulting paytable may be a sheer boosting delight.  




All wins are paid according to the paytable without bet multipliers or additional denomination values which makes the game more transparent. Depending on the number of win-lines you would like to include, stakes may range from 0.01 to 20 credits per round, and this is a low-to-moderate option. So Eye Of Horus allows to play at maximums for a long time and therefore maximize chances at winning great prizes.


Eyes Up


A well-packed, adventurous and straightforward game like Eye Of Horus cannot be a complete failure even if you are 100% uninterested in Egypt things at all. This slot machine introduces a handsome gaming universe abiding by its own rules which creates a lot of opportunities to light up imagination and delve into the process from head to toe.