Do you know what iGaming genre would never turn to stone? Of course, it is adventures based on a historical background. People have always been fascinated by ‘inaccessible’ things so that they may put on the best of their imagination and delve in a marvellous world where everything seems feasible and plausible. Ones who opt for recreating their own versions of different past events are slot makers, firstly because this kind of games has more chances to grow popular, and game studios are unlikely to miss an opportunity to draw attention to their products. There is one heavy problem on the way, though: finding a right concept could be an extremely complicated step as historical themes are in abundance, but merely any one of them could appeal to the majority of gambling audience.


Inspired Gaming are an example of software developer whose vision rarely gets disrupted – in other words, if they take a historical tale, they never fail to prepare a decent narrative. Centurion Slot, a spectacular title of ancient Roman culture, represents how Inspired take on fossils and turn them into an outbursting story. You can find the full review on Centurion slots. Yet for now we are simply going to acknowledge the genius of Inspired Gaming in creating a strong narrative without too much accessories and excessive details. One thing right from the start: Centurion is a 101 to all software manufacturers how to make an inspired game.


With more than 50’000 gaming machines successfully operating throughout over 30 countries, Inspired Gaming can be considered an A-list game studio with incredible experience in software supplying. If you’ve never heard a bit of them, then you still probably live under a rock. The reason why not so many gamblers are aware of this brilliant provider is that Inspired Gaming’s titles cannot be ubiquitously seen at every online venue: being mostly a land-based developer, Inspired, so to say, are just on the way to exploring a new market.


Nevertheless, it does not make them a bad online manufacturer. Either unexperienced, or immature. Inspired Gaming have one common feature shared by all games: high-quality gameplay. The latter implies that not only does the picture look crisp and bright, but also highly technological. Players will surely enjoy walking through a breathtaking video game, but at the same time this game has a slot structure. Combining the best of two funnels, Inspired Gaming are definitely going to make the charts in the nearest future.




Real centurions are not some guys with fancy feather hats – they are leaders of legions and courageous battlers who have to possess a number of vital qualities. Centurion Slot attempts at introducing these ancient commanders in a general wrapping of a gladiator-like atmosphere, so gamblers will feel like they arranged a bravery trip to Rome of a pompous scale, but in a good sense. Centurion incorporates a most appropriate soundtrack for this occasion: triumphal trumpet tunes are going to join players in fabulous spinning. Although there are hundreds of Rome-themed slot machines in gaming catalogues, Centurion does not seem ‘another one’ – this game has a completely different feel because Inspired gathered teeny-tiny bits and pieces of various related elements and merged them into a single view. Just take a look at the reels to find this out.  


Modify The Reels


Of course, the theme serves as an introduction to bigger things. Another ‘differentiating’ moment about Centurion Slot is its unbelievable package of multiple features divided into groups. The first likely group to meet is Reel Modifiers, special additions to the reels which appear in a random manner throughout the base course. Do not miss a ‘toot-toot’ sound – this is an indicator to show that some of the modifier has been activated.


Reel Modifiers are actually commonplace in modern slot machines of the last couple of years – they do not really affect the gameplay, yet add a little bit of complexity to main-game spinning. Centurion Slot has four random modifiers to trigger, one equals another in frequency, so you do not really now what’s coming for you after a horn.


Here’s what players may take advantage of:


Big-Win Feature. Quite a self-explanatory name for a feature, but let us go into a little bit of detail. Big Win fetches an immediate cash reward to players that is times more larger than an average payout.  


Five-Of-A-Kind Feature. Another ‘speaking for itself’ feature, but it is not that simple as it seems. Yes, Centurion is going to bring along a guaranteed pattern of five matching symbol, but among them could be Wilds and other bonus-related objects which elevates your chances significantly.


Super Bonus Reels. A regular spin seldom drops big-time symbols like Scatters, but when you catch this modifier, things get changed 180 degrees. After a modified spin players will receive an increased number of bonus symbols – this usually ends up playing through a freespin series of rounds.


Reelus Maximus. An allusion to Latin, Reelus Maximus works as a trigger for a colossal symbol. One 3x3 large icon is going to be dropped onto the reels so that you could get 100% rewarded.


And now where the whole action takes place – special bonuses. Centurion offers another random pot of four features to be activated for catching three plus Scatters. There are two mini-games and two freespin-based extras to catch. Speaking of the former, mini-games are organized as a multi-layered scratch games where gamblers are collecting symbols with multipliers and accumulating some final cut by the end of the bonus. Freespins, on the contrary, do not invite to go through a classic act: Centurion throws along exclusive features, so free spinning is marked with unexpected, yet appealing things.


A Fabulous Sequel


Just for you to know, Centurion is not the only option by Inspired Gaming to enjoy Roman times. Centurion Free Spins is a different chapter with a similar feel, but this slot machine is filled with more bonuses ( amazingly, it could be more than that) and has a slightly altered appearance, though it connotes with the previous machine.


History Becomes Available


Centurion deserves to be at the top of the slot world due to a number of exuberant qualities. First off, this game gifts a chance to meet an ancient culture in an interestingly prepared environment. Moreover, Centurion has an appeal to various kinds of players: with stakes ranging from 0.20 to 250 credits, anyone could be anything.